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Thank you for your interest in Red Dog Certified Multipurpose mobile safe rooms.  Red Dog safe rooms enjoy industryʼs “best available technology” status making it the safest choice for protecting in-field work forces. Patented CREWSAFE-30™ safe rooms have been vetted and adopted by major companies nationally recognized as leaders in safety such as BHP Billiton, Shell E&P, British Petroleum, Apache Corp, Eagle Rock Partners, Linn Energy, Nabors and others.

Apache™ model CREWSAFE-30™ units provide multipurpose protection and utility for work sites.  Equipped with Mitsubishi AC units they eliminate the cost of a hot weather cooling trailer and include Red Dogʼs exclusive “Body Core RCDS” (Rapid Cool Down System) to quickly cool individuals suffering from heat stress by administering high velocity, low temperature, refrigerated wind streams directly to the patientʼs upper core. With 160 sq ft of onsite office space Red Dogs can eliminate the need for an office trailer while also serving as a safety meeting room and a crew break room as well as a muster and training room. All Red Dogʼs provide industryʼs strongest crew protection against explosive blast waves plus refuge from short duration fires and can be upgraded to protect against noxious (e.g.H2S) gas threats. CREWSAFE-30™ safe rooms are the only units professionally designed to industrial versus residential standards to protect against EF-5 tornados, explosive blasts, and domestic terrorism.

ApachePlus™ model CrewSafes™ have the following upgrades to the basic units:

•Two-ton dual HV/AC, Mitsubishi heat pump, with 25,000 btu of heating capability
•Red Dogʼs exclusive “Body Core RCDS” (Rapid Cool Down System) personnel heat stress
treatment and recovery system,
•Phillips “HeartStart OnSite AED” (Automatic Emergency cardiac Defibrillator),
•Multi-lingual AED Training kits and DVD,
•Emergency CPR kit,
•Exclusive NOAA based CREW-ALERT™ tornado warning system w/4 external strobes
and a 128 db siren alarm,
•Retractable office work desk,
•Retractable Benches to seat 20-persons,
•R-9 Thermal Insulation and wall impact absorption system,
•ANSI/ISEA Z308.1-2009 first aid kit, and
•Maximum wind speed recording instrumentation.

Red Dogs are the only mobile safe rooms available Certified to vastly exceed FEMAʼs “near absolute” EF-5 protection level in heavy industrial environments.

Many industry leaders believe Red Dogs are the worry free, cost effective, solution for crew protection. Annual leases for multiple basic model Red Dogs are only pennies per hour per occupant while saving the cost of other onsite accommodations.  Although there are many areas in which Red Dogs beat the competition five clearly stand out:

•Red Dogs are the most unique. Their multipurpose features allow employers to eliminate the cost of several other pieces of onsite accommodations. Easily moved they need no anchoring for tornado protection. Being within DOT limits they do not require highway permits. Their patented and proven technology turns the destructive force of a 350 m.p.h. wind (a theoretical EF-7 tornado) into a 60 ton stabilizing force. The stronger the wind blows the “heavier” they effectively become.  Red Dogs have been vetted by and are becoming the standard for industrial safety leaders. In 2012 they were used over 20 times to protect drilling and completion crews on Shellʼs Arrowhead Project in south and central Kansas.  One easily survived being hit by a tornado on a Shell/NaborsRig last fall near Harper, KS.

•Red Dogs vastly exceed FEMAʼs “Near Absolute” criteria for Safe Room design. They are the only professionally engineered, peer-reviewed, patented, sheltering-in-place, EF-5 Certified tornado safe rooms designed and constructed specifically for heavy industrial applications.  They are certified above every recognized safe room design Standard in the United States including but not limited to the International Code Council ICC-500, the National Storm Shelter Association Standard, the Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA 320 and 361 guidelines, and the American Society of Civil Engineers “Wind Loads on Structures” design criteria. Design safety factors average over 200%.

•Red Dogs are the safest available. No anchoring means there are no exposed cables, turnbuckles, earth anchors or other devices at risk of debris-induced failure that can result in shelter dislodgment.  Earth-anchored box designs are highly vulnerable to wind borne missile strikes that can penetrate the hull and/or sever arresting cables and turnbuckles.  A 6ʼ long earth anchor can be extracted from the ground with the energy contained in a 100 pound object hitting the wireline at 100 mph.  Worse still, visible anchors create a false sense of security resulting in lack of attention to the requirements needed to protect occupants against both EF-5 wind loads and wind borne debris. Such an event happened in 2011 on Cactus Rig #117 west of Oklahoma City. Failure of that exposed anchoring system resulted in potentially lethal injuries to crew members.

•Red Dogs are the strongest available. Unlike earth-anchored box designs, Red Dogʼs are capable of withstanding hits by a 20,000 pound Peterbilt truck being driven by an EF-5 tornado.  Their arched roofs can withstand 1,000,000 pound dead loads.  They can take a 1,000 pound string of drill pipe falling from 100 feet in the air and even heavier debris being tossed by EF-5 storms.  Moreover Red Dog safe rooms double as the strongest blast-resistant modules commercially available today.  They are engineered for Free Field Blast Pressures greater than 20 psi @ 200 psi-msec… nearly twice that of any other blast resistant module on the market. Red Dogs also double as protection against domestic terrorism with unique doors that prevent unauthorized intrusion. Their 1/2”, A36 steel walls cannot be penetrated by common hand gun and rifles.

•Red Dogs are environmentally benign. Installation and removal activities take less than 30 minutes to complete and require nothing beyond a flat surface on which to place the unit. This is ideal for all locations concerned about conventional subsurface anchoring systems that potentially could damage the buried pipelines common to a work site. No “one call” is needed.

Many believe nothing on the market can match Red Dogʼs combination of safety, value, strength, mobility and utility.  Additional factors that come into play for safety conscious employers include:

•Protecting employees and site visitors with Red Dog safe rooms reduces liability risks. As a result of selecting and deploying industryʼs recognized “best available technology” (i.e. Red Dogs) no outsider can legitimately allege that safety was compromised by using a less proven technology.

•Selecting “best available technology” now can help avoid second-guessing by outsiders later.

•Public Trust obligations are strengthened and liabilities are lessened by selecting the only units on the market designed and Certified specifically for heavy industrial versus residential applications.

•To maintain Certification to ICC500 2008 Standard all Red Dog safe rooms are randomly audited by a limited cadre of company engineering and safety professionals.

•In addition to exceeding FEMAʼs “Near Absolute” safety rating, Red Dogs are multi-threat resistant. Hardened walls can be ordered as an option to achieve up to Level IV bullet proof ratings thus resisting all but armor penetrating munition.

•Units contain sufficient internal volume to provide breathing air for the rated occupancy for over an hour without exceeding the allowable CO2 blood saturation limits.

•An optional “bubble-tight” configuration enables employees to escape noxious H2S gases from wells, fires or chemical releases for short periods until rescue units can arrive.

•Red Dogs are “cell phone friendly.” If a cell phone works outside a Red Dog then most likely it will work equally well inside.

•Red Dog safety professionals ensure sustained Certification of shelter compliance with the National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA) by monthly reporting of GPS locations and safe room status in compliance with the International Code Council Standard (ICC500/NSSA 2008 Standard).

•Red Dog leases include Certified Safety Professional (CSP) assistance to prepare Tornado Emergency response plans for each customer location.

Please ask yourself the following:

Q: Does your company have a Tornado Disaster Plan or Crisis management plan for severe storms?

Q:  What do you tell your employees to do in the event they find themselves in the direct path of a severe storm or tornado?

Q:  Do you tell them to flee in vehicles or to seek shelter on their own?

Q:  Do you provide shelter for them or do they have to determine what shelter is?

Q:  Is a vehicle their only shelter in remote working conditions?

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